Company History
The President of AVISION Inc. developed a chain of retail stores. Crime was costly and interfered with profits. Despite this, he grew his chain of stores and was successful at curtailing crime.

After brief retirement, Stanley Zitron founded AVISION Inc. in 1995, to help prevent and quickly respond to growing crime using new video & broad band technology.

Following the tragedy at Columbine, AVISION was requested to design and install systems for the Memphis City Schools. AVISION has continued to develop deterrent surveillance systems for schools and companies in the entire mid south.

Zitron has utilized surveillance systems which aid management to operate their companies more successfully. Well planned business surveillance can keep employees from developing bad work habits, and keep them honest. It will also let management know how well the employee is working so they can be recognized. Good employees stay with the company, thus, less turnover.

AVISION was one of the first companies involved with Remote Monitoring which provides the opportunity for management to view their company or branches from anywhere, at any time. This is an invaluable tool.

AVISION is a strategic partner with AVIGILON ,VIDEO IQ, GE Security, and UTC Fire and Security. AVISION specializes in Security Cameras, IP Cameras, Remote Monitoring, Access Control and Perimeter Security. AVISION designs surveillance systems that deter crime, clearly recognize individuals, faces & license plate numbers. This is done in a cost effective manner. Caught On Camera is proven to solve crimes. AVISION also specializes in Megapixel Surveillance Cameras. One 16 megapixel camera can replace over 50 regular security cameras. Call us to discuss options for your business surveillance needs.

AVISION also represents two futuristic security manufacturers known and used worldwide.

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High Defination Stream Management
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Years in Business
Avision Security has been serving the Memphis and Mid South business community since 1995.

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Access Control that works in conjunction with surveillance and security cameras.